Vjoon K4

Cross-Media Publishing. Easy. Quick. Secure.

State-of-the-Art Architecture
K4 Version 6 represents the next generation of the K4 Cross-Media Publishing Platform. It allows publishers to organize and structure the workflow for all connected users. K4 also makes it easy to control the production process for any number of different objects, such as layouts, articles, text files, photos, spreadsheets and videos, and for any number of different output channels, such as print, Web, tablets and mobile.
K4 is a multi-tier architectural solution, with an application server layer running under Apache Tomcat, a client access layer and a database abstraction layer using JPA/Hibernate.
Databases & Integration with Adobe Creative Suite
K4 is compatible with Adobe Creative Suite 4 and higher. It supports three database platforms: MySQL Enterprise Server, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. All object files that are managed by K4 — now including images, ads and multimedia content — are stored in the database as Binary Large Objects (“BLOBs”) with full versioning. When a user accesses an object file, the file is copied to the user’s workstation and opened in the file’s native application, such as InDesign, InCopy, Photoshop or Word.
Extend Your K4 system via Web Services
A K4 system can be modified and extended using Web services (Java, C++, PHP, etc.). Additionally, a set of client APIs offers flexible and comprehensive access to the application server and K4 business logic, allowing the system to be easily integrated with other production or content-management systems. All server-based components of the system are Java applications, which are configured to run on a standard Apache Tomcat server.


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